Exeter Croquet Club is located in West Exeter, and serves the various croquet needs of people in Exeter, Teignbridge, Mid Devon and surrounding areas. We have two lawns which are approximately 3/4 of the standard full size, and are maintained to a very high standard by Exeter City Council. We are members of the Croquet Association, and the South West Federation of Croquet Clubs (SWFCC), and play both forms of  the game, Association Croquet and Golf Croquet.

If you are looking for a fun idea for a corporate event or a good day out, why not play croquet? We can provide a complete package. Download this leaflet for more information,  ring Mark Macnair on 01626 853490 or email him at m.r.macnair@exeter.ac.uk.







 What is association croquet?

It is a game that requires delicacy and skill rather than strength, and tactical ability rather than quick reflexes.  It can  be played at any age and by men and women on equal terms.  The difference between individual skills is recognised by a handicapping system.  This form of croquet is played at club, county, national and international levels. Players use a  sequence of strokes to score points similar to snooker.  In a successful break, an expert player can often play between 60 and 70 successive shots to run hoops in order.  On the other hand a break will sometimes consist of only a few shots to enable the balls to be manoeuvred into a tactically favourable position. It is this tactical struggle as well as the physical skill that is required which makes Association Croquet such a subtle, fascinating and growing game.


What is Golf Croquet?

It is a friendly, and at club level an uncomplicated game and fun to play.  As with Association Croquet, it can be raised to a highly competitive game both nationally and internationally. Men and women, of all ages, play on equal terms, assisted by a handicapping system. Hoops are played in sequence and the object is to be the first to hit your ball through as many hoops as possible.  Each of four coloured balls are played in turn.  Accurate shots, including hoop running, are required as are defensive shots to prevent an opponent progressing with his/her ball. 



How to find us

Turn onto the A30 from either the A38 or M5. Leave the A30 at the Alphington Junction where directed to Exeter along the A377. Keep straight on at traffic lights (by Sainsburys) and again at traffic lights (Marsh Barton Industrial Estate on your right). Continue towards the City Centre, to the traffic lights at the junction with Sydney Road (B&Q). Turn left into Sydney Road then second left into Pinces Street North continue to Pinces Square. Take the exit into Pinces Street South. Pinces Gardens is ahead of you.


There is ample free parking in either Pinces Road or Princes Street South.




 Pinces Gardens

St.Thomas, Exeter


Membership Secretary:

Roger Thorne, 01392 811366


Our Club:   

  Players, for either competitive or social games of croquet, are very welcome to telephone the Membership Secretary to make contact.                         

     Newcomers to croquet, which has been said to be the fastest growing sport in the United States of America * and a very popular game in both Australia and New Zealand, can expect encouragement and coaching for either Golf Croquet or the more demanding Association Croquet

     No special clothing or equipment is required other than a pair of flat soled shoes, for lawn protection, to start enjoying croquet.  Usually, as players progress they buy their own mallet but club equipment, including a range of mallets, is available for use.

     The Exeter Club plays on two excellent courts in a public park, with a Club House and Toilets on site.      

The summer timetable provides :

q       Three roll-up sessions each week - one for Association (Wednesdays) and two for Golf (Tuesdays and Thursdays).    

q       Tournaments - for players of all abilities.

q       Matches in the South West Federation leagues.

q       Friendly matches.

q       coaching sessions for novice players - ongoing throughout the season, Friday mornings.

q       General play at all other times - 10.00am until dusk (11.30 on Mondays).

Some people even play croquet throughout the year!

* source - the Daily Express newspaper.


How to join us

Anyone may join - there is no waiting list or selection process. Contact Roger Thorne on 01392 811366.

Fees: Membership of the Club costs 90, which enables you to play throughout the year with no further charges. If you wish to take Tea or Coffee with your game, it costs 30p. If you want to try the game without obligation, contact the membership secretary, Roger Thorne on 01392 811366. You can play your first three games without charge. Thereafter, you may join the club, or pay the Council's casual fee of 7.20 a time. After 5 casual games you can join the Club at a reduced rate.


The Croquet Shot

An important shot in Association croquet is the "Croquet Shot". When playing with a ball (the Striker ball), if you hit one of the other three balls (ie perform a "roquet") you then put the striker ball in contact with the other ball. You then hit the striker ball so that both balls move. It is the succession of roquets and croquets that enables a player to move all the balls around the lawn and to position their striker ball to go through the hoops.